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Group of people resting after yoga workout lying in Shavasana Corpse Dead body pose focus
The term Spirit Breathing was derived from the word breath in latin which  is  
Spiritus. We are essentially taking in spirit (god, source, Allah, pure consciousness whatever your name for it may be) every time we breath. It's from my experience, that the more spirit we take in, the more clarity we can gain and the thoughts and emotions that have been weighing us down which can inevitably can manifest as illness get cleaned out. In the Breath Journey experience we use the energy from the quantum field (just another word for spirit) helping us to enhance the effects of the healing process. Lastly, instead of being left in the dark to deal with the sometimes heavy emotional release or messages of clarity, I use the gifts I was given in the form of psychic ability (claire cognizant or psychic knowing) to help guide you on your journey forward.
In Self- development and spiritual growth, one is called to explore their inward natural resources. Breath is one of those resources; a limitless, abundant, and available energy. Spirit Breathing is an alternative and natural therapy. Also qualified as "meditative, this practice intentionally changes the breathing pattern. Holotropic, DMT, Shamanistic, Rebirthing and Transformative are other names to describe a very similar style of breathing. This breath work supports emotional and physical healing and personal growth. At a physiological level, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). It results in activation of the whole body systems ( such as respiratory, cardiac, nervous, digestive, reproductive, circulatory, etc.) At another level, by diverting attention from thoughts, chain reactions occur; elevating the person at spiritual, mental, and psychological levels.

In ancient eastern tradition, the Pranayama (breath regulation in Sanskrit) was the first discipline to bring a theory around respiratory control. The act of breathing is an essential aspect of most meditative practices and represents a means to expand consciousness. The breath, called "prana" means "life force".

IN western culture, breathing techniques appeared independently from any religious or spiritual  belief and are mainly used for therapeutic purposes (e.g, cardiac coherence, biofeedback, and autogenic training). These breathing techniques are often referred to as paced breathing and lead to sow down the breath frequency.


Spirit Breathing can be understood asa multi- dimensional therapy. First, as a physiological activity, it supports health and physical well-being. Secondly, the stillness induced by the practice allows the release of physical and emotional pains. Last but not least, self-awareness cultivated through the process leads to spiritual and personal growth. 
The benefits of Spirit Breathing are infinite. Below is a short list of reasons to integrate it into your daily routine:

· Develop concentration 

· Improve sleep

· Help to fix reproductive disorders 

· Calm the nervous systems

· Boost immunity

· Reverse dysfunctional breathing

· Emotional release (traumas, grief…)

· Improve memory



· Lower the intensity of physical pain

· Reboot the digestive system

· Transform reactions and behaviors  

· Lower blood pressure, HRV 

· Decrease mortality and morbidity

· Alleviate PTSD symptoms

· Balancing hormones

· Addiction relief

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh
Spirit Breathing has changed my life in so many ways. I have cried harder then any time in my life, I have laughed, and I have screamed. All very powerful releases of emotions that were stored within my body. It has also connected me to my higher self, bringing messages of clarity that I could never have dreamed of.  Energy work has helped me heal from major concussions, a blood clot in my leg, a large tumour in my lungs, COPD, torn rotator cuff, torn lcl ligament, anxiety, and a "broken" nervous system. My psychic gifts have been helping bring clarity for so many people and has continued to even surprise me how helpful they can be. We all truly have these gifts underneath all the built up emotions we hold from the trauma we experienced. Being able to combine all of these to now bring it to the public is something I truly can't express how grateful I am to share this with others in need.
The Breathwork Experience will be held on two separate weekends. I have found that most of these workshops only do one day but not everyone has the powerful experience the first time and I'd like to make sure your life is changed while working with me. After each Breathwork session you will journal what came through. This is important as you will retain more of what happened when it's fresh and be able to bring to your private session with me. After journaling we will gather as a group and share. I feel it's helpful to share and be vulnerable with one another. That in itself can heal. When you hear what others are overcoming you often realize we share very unique but also very similar stories. Once both sessions are complete you will need to book a private session so we can meet over Zoom. After the Zoom, I will email you tools to help you open up and heal whatever comes up. I'm also always available afterwards through instagram and text for questions that come up along the way. I never leave people hanging and have people that message me all the time after our sessions. My life is one of service now and you being able to step back into the understanding of wholeness is the greatest gift I could ever receive. Truly.   
Dates: APRIL 2nd and APRIL 16th 
Please wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle, a small lunch or snacks, a journal & pen, a blanket & pillow, small towel and a yoga mat. Please download, fill out the waiver and email it to us so you can gain entry to the session.
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