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Man Stretches


My Journey into Energy healing began with experiences that were too difficult to talk about at first. I knew how hard it was going to be for most people to believe what had happened: it just didn't fit the narrative most people were raised to believe. At first, a healer helped ,me with a state of deep depression that came from losing one of my businesses to bankruptcy and a business partner that passed away from suicide. I walked out of the session feeling like a new man with a new outlook on life. I went back to see her for a torn rotator cuff that needed surgery, instead of being off for 9 months, I was back training Jiu

Jitsu, with no surgery. This was just the beginning... what happened afterwards was mind-blowing to say the least. I healed a blood clot I had in my leg, a major concussion (which was my 8th), a torn ACL in my knee, meniscus tears, and finally lung cancer. I shouldn't be alive today, but I am. I learned that we can all heal from within and my goal is to help give back this knowledge to the world. I have now devoted my life to helping people heal. I'm a certified Master Reiki Healer, a certified Quantum Energy Healer, a certified Chakra Healer, and a certified Pranayama Breath Work Instructor. 

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